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Jacquie, Delaplane, VA

Waterline Aquatics is our third pool company in 5 years!! To say there is no comparison to the other two would be a huge understatement! They are so accommodating and come with such speed when I am freaking out about some silly thing, yet they never make me feel like I am being silly!! Our pool has never looked better, I am so grateful to them for their excellent service!!!

Linda, Broad Run, VA

A huge THANK YOU to Ryan Hart and Waterline Aquatics! I thought the storm damage from a couple trees falling on the pool equipment was only plumbing issues — but found out an underground pipe broke too. Can’t thank these guys enough for getting everything repaired so quickly. 
Need a pool company — call them!

The Mill House, Upperville, VA

I wanted to commend Waterline Aquatics for their attention to detail this summer! So much rain changing the clarity of the water, our pump decided to stop working, the Polaris had issues – all of our problems were addressed quickly and efficiently, and the pool continues to look great!  Thanks, Waterline Aquatics!

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Kevin, Gainesville, VA

We are first time pool owners and we have heard the horror stories of dealing with pool maintenance companies. Waterline Aquatics is the complete opposite. Waterline Aquatics does an excellent job at keeping our pool sparkling clean. Having them handle all of our pool maintenance needs makes pool ownership easy and enjoyable. They very reasonable on the electronics upgrades as well as a pump replacement we had completed this past season. We highly recommend them for all your pool management needs

Samantha, Smithfield, VA

Having never owned a pool before, my husband and I needed to find the best company to help us take care of it. Enter Waterline! We had called a lot of companies, but Waterline had done our pool inspection for us, while in the process of purchasing the home, and we had been very impressed with Rick. Having since met both Rick and Ryan, I can say that we feel they are very “good” guys. They have been very honest and patient with us, even when I’ve asked a gazillion questions while they are trying to work. I like to understand, (as best I can without becoming certified);-), what people are doing when they work on our home… and Rick was very generous in schooling me. Also, Ashleigh, who makes the appointments, has always been very responsive, professional, and nice to speak with.

Waterline took care of our pool for the couple of “end-of-summer” months since we purchased the house, and they have just finished winterizing it. We are all set for the cold months now! (The old cover came with the house, and Rick said we may get another year, or two, out of it… but it does have a couple of holes he is going to patch for us. It had been stored under the deck, by the previous owners, and had what we believe to be a possum’s nest in the bag. Ugh.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a great company to service your pool… give them a try.  I think you’ll be very happy with them, too!

Btw, like most companies in this area, they do not usually pick up their phone. As their answering machine says, just leave a message or email them. They respond to emails faster, and I’ve never had any trouble reaching them within an acceptable time frame… usually very quickly.

Great company + great people = easier life!:-)

Kathleen, Warrenton, VA

Hands down, Waterline Aquatics is THE BEST pool service company in the area. If you are not already using Waterline, do yourself a big favor and call them.  After dealing with quirky local pool companies for the past ten years, Ryan Hart and his company were a godsend.  I cannot praise this company enough — very knowledgeable about pool maintenance, honest, punctual, and fair prices.  It doesn’t get any better than that.